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Synchronizer SR3
Smart DLC
Hybrid System
Digital Load Controller (ELC)
Digital Load Controller (IGC)
Digital Flow Controller (DFC)
Cross Flow
  Digital Load Controller for Synchronous Generator (ELC)   Digital Load Controller for Asynchronous Generator (IGC)  

  By using the Digital Load   Control to replace the   hydraulic governor of   Microhydro Power can   overcome the burden of change is very large with a very quick response and the price is cheaper than DLC governor. Read detail..!



  Induction Motor As   Generator (IMAG) is   suitable for the application   of micro hydro p ower   because it has a strong construction, maintenance free, runaway speed, and hold the price relatively cheaper . Read detail..!

  Digital Flow Controller (DFC)   Synchronizer SR3  

  Digital Flow Controller   (DFC) is a new   generation controller for   Minihydro Power. DFC   works as a controller, synchronizer, protection and monitoring for the power plant. DFC is a system with automatic high-level and provide a secure operating system. . Read detail..!


  SR-3 is the Interconnection   controller, protection and   monitoring of minihydro   power. Where the system   for MHP Load Control (DLC) interconnected with the grid, MHP, diesel, other power plan. SR-3 is a combination of Electronics Load Controller (DLC) and SR-3 (synchronizer). Read detail..!


  Hybrid System   Smart DLC  
 The increasing needs of   electricity and fluctuation   load exceeds the capacity   is a constraint for the   small scale power plan. But with the hybrid system. Read detail..!


  Not all applications of MHP  can use generator with AVR   due to cost limitations,   Digital Load Controller   (DLC) can be used to control generator without AVR. Read detail..!


  Pelton   Cross Flow